Why I Exist

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“Christ will not use us to establish His kingdom in the world until He

occupies the throne of our entire being

and becomes the King of our affections, our motives, our will and all our heart.”

— A.W. Tower

I believe the one thing we were created for, the one thing that gives us the satisfaction we long for, is to come before our Lord and Creator with a heart full of worship and adoration. Worship is not defined by singing in church or listening to a song that makes us feel good, but a heart fully surrendered and obedient to the Master. A soul reaching out to know Him through His Word and daily seeking His face. Eyes fixed on Him, following in His steps. A life flowing with gratitude, and humbly casting down every high thing that would seek to replace God in our lives. In this place He gives us a glimpse of His incredible Holiness and Majesty. Through worship, we are filled with the deep satisfaction of knowing God, yet consumed by the unquenchable desire to know Him more.

“Hear, O daughter, consider, submit, and consent to my instruction:

forget also your own people and your father’s house;

So will the King desire your beauty;

because He is your Lord,

be submissive and reverence and honor Him.”

Psalm 45:10-11 

We are called to be a living sacrifice, forget the things of this world and desire Him above all.

As I write and sing worship music, it is my goal to cause each listener to desire Him more. To glimpse the incredible presence of God and worship Him for who He is. He is our Healer and Rescuer. Mighty yet meek. Fierce in His passion for us yet relentless in righteousness. He rules over the ebb and flow of the tides yet sees each bird that falls from the sky. His power surrounds the universe like a cloak, yet He knows each thought of every individual. King of Kings and Lord of Lord’s, there is no one higher.

I exist that He may increase.

Holy, we give You all the glory

Holy, is Your Name

Worthy of all Your highest praise

Worthy is Your Name

–Cody Summer

from the song “Worthy is Your Name”