Times of Waiting

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Lately, it feels like I have been planted. And by “planted” I mean, it feels like I’m stuck someplace I don’t particularly want to be! Maybe stuck in the mud would be a better analogy…. 🙂 In any case, I feel like I’m waiting to be used.  Nothing is happening, nothing is moving. At least, nothing big or exciting. I like movement and change. And excitement.

I have recently been studying 2 Peter. I have been in verses 5-8 of chapter one all week.

For  if these things be  in you,  and   abound,  

they make  you that ye shall 

neither   be barren  nor   unfruitful 

 in  the   knowledge   of our   Lord   Jesus   Christ.  

2Pe 1:8

He’s not talking about being on the radio or building an orphanage in India. He’s talking about godly characteristics that the Holy Spirit can produce in us:

  • Faith
  • Virtue
  • Knowledge 
  • Temperance 
  • Patience
  • Godliness 
  • Brotherly Kindness 
  • Charity 
 Maybe my perspective is what makes me feel “stuck.”
If I allow Him to cultivate these qualities in me, I cannot fail in life! I can be used even though I’m not a missionary, or a successful recording artist, or an amazing speaker. He wants my heart. All of it, surrendered in worship that pleases Him – not the world. After all, it is the servant that is the greatest in the kingdom of God.
Am I teaching my children to rise in the morning with a song of praise? Or fold the laundry with love? Or do the dishes for the hundredth time today with an attitude of gratitude? Am I being an example to those I lead in worship? Am I finding new ways to serve my husband each week?
I can never falter or fail, even if my life is full of nothing but menial tasks, if I am walking in obedience to His Word and pursuing holiness – doing those tasks for His glory with a heart of worship. I pray He uses this time in my life to cultivate a life that pleases Him above all.
What do you do during times of waiting? How has the Lord used those times in your life? I would love to hear your thoughts!

4 thoughts on “Times of Waiting

  1. Having been in a waiting room several times, I find waiting hard to do. I like you want action, even if it is wrong. But God teaches me that he refines me in the down times and works on my heart.

  2. Hang tough, this is only for a season. This is a time of training and instructions. Enjoy the time and minister to your family.

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