Story Behind the Song: Blinding Light

The city had no need of the sun or of the moon to shine in it, for the glory of God illuminated it.

The Lamb is its light.

Revelation 21:23

When we lived on a large cattle ranch in NE Nevada, it was a three hour drive for us to go to “town” for groceries and other necessities. Three hours ONE WAY -no stops- with small children. The nearest Walmart, that always seemed to be out of everything I drove to town to get, was 100 miles away in the opposite direction. Church was an hour away. Whenever we went anywhere, we spent some solid time in the car.

I often listened to teaching CD’s from the church where I grew up as a way to redeem the time spent on the road. In one of these CD’s, the pastor was describing the first trip to India he took with my older brother years ago. They were at a church in southern India where there was a demon possessed woman. When her family accepted Christ as their savior, she ran out of the church screaming and covering her eyes like she was being blinded by a brilliant light.

I thought about that incident, and about the brilliant light that Christ IS, as I pushed my double stroller down the airstrip at the ranch one day. (The airstrip was the only semi-smooth gravel road around ranch headquarters so the girls and I frequented it often!) Now that we live in a place where the sun DOESN’T shine that often, I am especially grateful for the days it is shining. The sun brings warmth, life, energy, and illuminates the darkness.

He is light.

Nothing is hidden from Him.

Nothing can overpower Him.

He is the ruler over ALL.

That means we can trust Him to overcome ANY darkness in our lives. Jesus has already conquered, and darkness has to flee before His presence. I began to pray that He would ‘blind the enemy’ in some situations in my own life and church, and the idea for the song “Blinding Light” was born.

Blinding Light breaks through the dark of night

Blinding light is all I see

Shines so bright that darkness has to flee

Has no power over me

Blinding light is all I see